Discover the Heart of Tradition with Cozy Bear Kitchen’s Authentic Pierogies

Welcome to Cozy Bear Kitchen, the premier source of authentic Eastern European pierogies in Alaska. Our family-run business is dedicated to crafting high-quality, frozen pierogies that capture the rich culinary traditions of our heritage. Designed for versatility and convenience, our products are perfect for restaurants seeking to enrich their menus, retailers in search of unique and delicious offerings, and individuals craving the comfort of a homemade taste.

Each pierogi is prepared with careful attention, instantly frozen to lock in flavor and freshness, ensuring they are ready to serve in minutes. Ideal for any occasion—from casual dining experiences to special family gatherings—our pierogies promise to bring people together, one delicious serving at a time. Discover our flavors and see for yourself how Cozy Bear Kitchen is uniting communities through the shared love of traditional flavors.